Reading God's Word

As a part of the vision of our church to Know God, Grow in Him and Do His will, we read the Bible. Here are some helpful resources to help you read the Bible well.

Reading Plan

This reading plan will take you through the entire Bible in one year. It is good at keeping you moving through the Bible, not tossing you into the Old Testament for eight months at a time!


This is a simple way to read any passage of the Bible. This system will work in a personal Bible study or with a group of people. It can work with a small portion of Scripture (even one verse) or can be applied to an entire chapter of a book.


These charts will help you connect the books of the Bible together. There is a chart with the books of the Bible broken up by their genre: this is useful for knowing how books were orignially intended to be read. Also, the chronological order of the Old Testament books will help connect which books were written at the same time around the same events in history.

other resources