Soul Sister Bible Study

Feb. 7 - Mar. 14 @ 7pm

Stretch your modern sensibilities about love, honor and commitment as we study the books of Ruth, Ester and Song of Songs, in this Bible study called Covenant. While it is tempting to compare our lives with the fairytale endings in romance novels and movies on the big screen, real love can be found in the pages of scripture, recounting the lives of women that are surprisingly similar to our own. Find out how God’s plan is greater than our temporary attractions and affections. The cost for materials is $15.

About the Teaching

This is not a video teaching. Rather, each week, a devotional will be given by a different Bible study leader. These ladies are of various stages of life and bring with them different experiences that will help us expand our perspective about the scripture being studied. The study itself is scripture focused, with minimal homework.


This study will be held in the homes of two leaders, alternating each week. Once you register, you will receive a follow-up email with the addresses, which are in Nolensville.

Regarding the Time

If evening is not a good time for you, but you are interested in attending this Bible study, please fill out the interest form below. Our hope is to schedule a Wednesday morning study, should we have enough interest. We will contact you shortly with an update.