Life Community is dedicated to offering Christ-centered worship in a healthy church community while cultivating the next generation of disciples.


Life in Worship

Whether in our preaching, singing, praying or giving, we respond in faith to what God has done. In our worship:

  • Jesus is the hero

  • The music and preaching will be captivating

  • We encourage each other to follow Jesus

  • We actively participate

  • We give our most important things to God


Life in Community

We live differently because of Jesus. We want to be a church full of people who:

  • Love and following God’s word

  • Encourage each other to take small steps of faith

  • Are authentic, connected and confessional

  • Share burdens and pray together

  • In boldness, outwardly love others


Life in the Next Generation

Regardless of age, your faith life starts now. Our student and children’s ministries are dedicated to creating an environment where your kids will:

  • Learn God loves them and wants a relationship with them

  • Learn to interact with God and His Word

  • Boldly love others because of Jesus

  • See that following Jesus never gets old

  • Live for Jesus today