Early Learning Center Update

Over the past few months, I have had the privilege of working on the Life Community Early Learning Center, and it has been a joy to be able to combine so many things I am passionate about into one amazing dream job. I thought that after a few months of working behind the scenes, it would be a good idea to tell everyone what I've been up to since February and answer the questions I get asked the most often. Here are the top three ELC questions I have been asked lately:

Question 1: “How is it going?”

Short Answer: It is going really well!

The longer answer is that in just two months, we have launched the ELC website, opened registration, set up social media accounts, started promoting the program, hired several fabulous teachers, and assembled a whole lot of bookshelves. We have set up the first classroom, answered parent emails and questions, given the first building tour, made a trip to IKEA in Memphis, and even staged a photo shoot to capture pictures of preschool life. (That day was the highlight of these past two months, seeing a classroom full of preschoolers learning and playing. What a great reminder of why we are doing this!) Each week looks a little different and some days are better than others, but God continues to remind me that this is HIS program, and He has all of the details under control. (Thank goodness it isn't up to me!)


Question 2: “What can I do to help?”

Answer: (I just love this question because it tells me that people see how important this ministry is!) There are actually a few ways you can help!

First, tell others about our program. You can share our website, like our Facebook page, and find us on Instagram. You can also help to get the word out in local moms' groups, neighborhood pages, etc. Word of mouth goes a long way!

Also, over the next few months we will need help assembling furniture, hanging bulletin boards, patching nail holes, laminating items, and more, so if you have any free time during the mornings and want to volunteer, email me and I will happily put you to work! I will also post work days from time to time on the church Facebook pages, so be on the lookout!


Question 3: “Do you need a play kitchen?"

Answer: I probably get asked this one at least once a week! Who knew there were so many play kitchens up for grabs?! As far as play kitchens go, I think we're all set. But we definitely could use some specific things if you are eager to make a meaningful donation. We would never want you to give to the preschool in lieu of tithing to the church, but sometimes people have the very item lying around their house that we need, and sometimes people just really want to give a specific gift, so I thought it would be good to make a list!


We are putting up a "giving tree" that you can view in the hallway of the Kids' Space, and it is also available here. If you would like to donate an item from the giving tree (it can be new or gently used!), just pull off the leaf of the tree and bring it home to remind you of what you want to give. You can bring the item to church any time!

It has been so fun watching God's plan unfold for this ministry. Please continue to pray for the ELC. So much development and growth happens during the preschool years, and we want to really touch lives for God's glory! We can't wait to see what else God has in store!